Daniel Puder- MMA Fighter and Winner of W.W.E. Tough Enough and Founder of "MYLIFE, MYPOWER" because of being bullied as a kid he has taken up the fight against bully’s All Over the World. He has also agreed to come to Peace in the Street events at Schools For more info about our partnership go to our Anti-Bully Campaign Page. For more about Daniel go to

Introducing: BRICK CASEY
The independent recording artist with music for 'change' has signed onto the Peace In Streets Movement to end Bullying in schools and communities throughout the nation.

Not only has Brick Casey established himself as a secular artist, he also produces musical works aimed at furthering the outreach of many of today's leading social awareness issues such as; BULLYING, GANG VIOLENCE, AUTISM, DRUNK DRIVING, VOTING and more.

'I feel that artists are responsible for the messages they put out through music so there has to be positive productions within mainstream media. If not, we as a community ultimately suffer from the many negative influences that's promoted through secular productions that carry non-constructive messages.'
(Brick Casey)

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