Dear Tony (Tunes) Belcher,

As The Director of My Life My Power, I would like to thank you and Peace in the Streets Foundation for your ongoing support of our non-profit organization. It has been such a blessing to have met you and your team as we all share in the understanding that “It’s Time we all Stand Up” and join together in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of our youth. We welcome the involvement of your team and ours and would like to extend the support of My Life My Power to your foundation, Peace in the Streets. Please note, Daniel Puder (the founded of My Life My Power) has offered to appear as a guest speaker at some of your Schools, and events/ fundraisers in the upcoming months in exchange for having your talent donate some of their time to make appearances in our partnered schools. We are excited to see how both My Life My Power and Peach in the Streets can collaborate in working together for a common cause, saving today’s youth from the abuses they face day to day in our society. We look forward to working together and know that great things are in the making!


Brittney Lozano Director,
My Life My Power