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The Peace in the Streets Monument

The Peace In The Streets Monument

Claim Your Place In History As A Founding Patron

Peace In The Streets Monument
Calling all members of the public who would like to become a Founding Patron for the PITS Monument to inspire the youth and create positive

• Would you like a PITS Monument that promotes peace, healing and forgiveness?
• Would you like merchandise from the monument to generate funds that go back to support the community?
• Would you like to become a Founding Patron and have your name engraved on the base of the PITS Monument?
• Do the three Millennium Monument prints on the right appeal to you? Be sure to watch the video. (A MUST SEE)

The Millennium Monument
The Millennium Monument prints are a perfect example of how art can support positive change. The sale of these prints will help to fund
community empowerment projects worldwide and the creation of inspirational sculptures such as the PITS Monument. Visit to see the video and prints. (Another MUST SEE)

The Millennium Monument The Millennium Monument The Millennium Monument 

The Millennium Monument
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Mr. Donald Brown

PITS Monument To Begin
Our marketing campaign will be designed to promote and sell 1 million prints of various inspirational sculptures worldwide. After only 1/10
of the prints have been sold, (100,000), work will begin on the PITS Monument. It will be designed and created by
International Award-Winning Sculptor Donald Brown, pictured left.
PITS Founding Patrons
If you answered “YES” to all the questions at the top of the first page, then we invite you to become a Founding Patron for the PITS Monument. In addition to receiving Founding Patron status, your name would engraved on the base of the PITS Monument to honour your legacy and ‘Claim Your Place in History’ and you would receive the set of three Millennium Monument prints. The complete package is $250. For those who purchase before September, the price will be $95 plus $15 S&H.

Peace in the Streets Foundation

A Crowd Spells Thank You

Mr. Donald Brown with Medals

On behalf of everyone worldwide who will benefit from the vision, mission and ministry of the PITS Monument, we THANK YOU in advance. Your purchase of the PITS Package will go towards
creating positive change.

Call To Action
For more information email us at with the words (PITS Founding Patron - Prints) in the subject line.

Founder: International Award-Winning British Sculptor, Inspirational Speaker and the fastest Masters 60m sprint hurdler in the world for 2015,

Mr. Donald Brown.



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