Stop the Violence & Bullying in our Streets and Schools 

Violence is a problem everywhere, but in our schools, children are bullied every day. Sadly, bullying often turns into tragedy. Peace in the Street Foundation Inc. wants to help stop the violence with an anti-bullying campaign designed to increase children’s self-esteem and offer support for bully victims.

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Our Foundation Cont.

Only one to two percent of Blacks and Hispanics make up the teaching ranks in America. Without any role models, American minority youth drop out at 7,000 young boys and girls every day. With a new permanent, illiterate sub-class in America that grows too fast to solve, at some point, we will not be able to save ourselves.

Nearly half 47% of students said a major reason for dropping out was that classes were not interesting. These young people reported being bored and disengaged from high school. Disruptions of peers in school causes students to feel distracted and unsafe, leading to increased chance of dropping out. 57% said that their schools “did not do enough” to help students feel safe from violence and bullying... 81%of dropouts said there should be more opportunities for “real-world” learning experience.We believe if students can see the connection between education and success, they will show more interest in school.With our projects we want to give student a chance to experience what it takes for them to make it in their chosen careers.

With help from professionals we see a way for students to get the information they need to make better choices in life and career.

Our programs involve students in specific projects that can make a concrete connection between the skills they are learning in school and those needed to be successful in the global economy. We have created a supportive network that students can use as their education progresses. We at Peace in the Street Foundation feel we can immediately mitigate some of these negative factors that increase the chances of dropping out. We must begin to better show the aspirational relevancy of education to our young people if we ever expect to meaningfully kick the high school dropout craze.

For many years, solutions to these problems have been sought as a matter of education policy. Educators want increased community involvement in schools and community members want to help.We have to come together to solve these problems. Remember, nearly 1 million young people will drop out of school before graduation. The projects we offer can be transformed into after school programs that can help ease the tension students feel after a day at school. Students will not only have tutors on site for help with homework, but will have a chance to learn more about what it takes to be successful in the career choices they choose.

After school programs such as ours can give parents and teachers the extra help they need. The time between school and parents coming home from work are very important, these are the hours when kids can find trouble.

The reason we want to involve students in media, is because that's what they are tuned into. Reality T.V. has spawn a new generation of kids that think it is okay to fight over a boy or girl; not realizing that most of what they see is planned out by show executives. Kids are dropping out of school to chase fame, because somebody sold them a dream of stardom. When things go wrong they become young adults caught in a business world they don't understand. and with little education to fall back on, it can be a tough road for anyone. We will show how lack of knowledge can cost millions on a contract or get you locked into a bad deal that you can't get out of. If you can't read or comprehend a contract you leave yourself open to be taken advantage of.
We at Peace in the Street Foundation will work hard to give our youth the information they need to succeed in school, life and their future careers. 

Let’s Get Involved

The Peace in the Street Foundation plans to visit schools where we will provide seminars, slide presentations and positive entertainment to bring a message of tolerance and the need to respect each other. Working with Daniel Puder (M.M.A. Fighter and winner of W.W.E. Tough enough) We will show how networking together can bring you more success just as fighting each other will get you the opposite. We believe that Media outlets, such as our Internet radio and T.V. stations will give our youth a way to be creative and to look at education in a new light. Our internet music and television campaigns are designed to be an outlet for positive programming. 

There will be programs geared towards parents, such as the importance of parental involvement to stop bullying. In addition, we are launching the I AM project to reach out to the families of victims who took their life because of bullying or taken by violence. We do not want people to ever forget them!

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