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Our Foundation
Peace In The Street is an anti violence & anti-bully program for schools, helping communities fight back against violence in our streets. We provide our youth a creative outlet where they can focus on their career paths. They will learn the power of networking and the need to take education serious. They will also learn the need to respect teachers, parents and each other. The invisible wall that is put up by students, the click, the gang, the crew, the athlete and others use these walls to be in their comfort zone. We feel that letting students create from a positive platform can help ease some of the tension that can cause violence and bullying in schools. We are trying to put a dent in the dropout rate and become a buffer between schools and the court system. With 1 in 10 young male high school dropouts in jail or juvenile detention, We Have to Stop this trend. [read more]

Our Projects

These outlets are for the youth, a way to keep in touch with those we have spoken to. These Internet, radio & T.V. stations are a way for our youth to be creative and stay busy. These projects will help the thousands of up and coming Singers, Dancers, rappers and Rock stars with artist development, Distribution and Marketing.We will be getting help from professionals in different fields of the entertainment business to help with their development. There will also be a program for athletes,where they will get guidance from current and former athletes about attitude,commitment and the need to keep their grades right

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Global Peace Project

The Clay has arrived, sent by Famed Sculptor Donald Brown from Birmingham London, England. Special sculpture clay was sent internationally (including the USA) as part of a global project to raise awareness for Peace.

Members of the public may receive a small ‘Peace’ of the clay to touch and return so it can be placed onto the ‘A Sporting Chance For Peace’ sculpture. See this link for the launch of the sculpture that took place in England recently 

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Events & Yearly Calendar

Peace in the Street Foundationhosts live charity concerts and events to raise funds to support our future generation through productive life decisions. All proceeds from events go directly to our programs to fight bullying and support our future generations through schooling and productive life decisions. Visit our Events page to see upcoming events and pictures.



Toll Free :  (866) 544-4282
Corporate:  (909) 398-0252


BOARD MEMBERS: Mark Lucas - President, Tony Belcher - Vice President, Tisha Bernard- anti bullying coordinator, Dawn Gill - Secretary, Richard Bartholomew- Security.